Web Hosting Sales Representative

At some point in our lives we have all dealt with a Sales Representative, of course not all interactions are the same, leaving some with memories they would rather forget. But here at InMotion Hosting our Sales Team members goal is to respond to each inquiry in a manner that assures the person has the information they need to make an informed decision. The Sales Team members do not engage in a simple question and answer session; the goal is to listen, understand, provide honest advice for their specific business or site needs and recommend the appropriate hosting package that will meet the customers needs.

For many of our potential customers their website is their “bread and butter”.  From the moment a customer hears, “Welcome to InMotion Hosting, how may I assist you today?” they should know they are in capable hands. Whether they join as a customer on that day or in the future, we want them to consider us a trusted technical resource.

Do you have the unique combination of Sales and Technical “know how” and want to learn more and/or are interested in becoming a part of our team?


Blog post by Carlos Baez, Sales Representative