WordPress to the Rescue!

Dull, boring website? WordPress can fix that. Like the difference between a picture of a Bentley and actually having one parked in your driveway, WordPress can take your site to the next level. WordPress provides the engine that drives your site, allowing you to present dynamic content with the ease of riding a tricycle. 

The WordPress Dashboard allows you complete control over your site. Thousands of themes are available to set a professional, consistent look throughout your site. Adding functionality to your site, such as e-commerce or event calendars, is easily accomplished through plugins. There are thousands of plugins available as well for WordPress. Unlike other programs, WordPress makes installing plugins and themes a breeze. Simply use the built in search function or upload the zip file- WordPress does the rest.

The built-in editor in WordPress is one of the best features. You can quickly add content to your site, whether it's a quick blog post, updates to pages or multimedia- anywhere with an internet connection you can add and edit your site! Anyone can easily create and maintain a WordPress site. If you have ever used a text editor, such as Word, you can definitely use the editor in WordPress! Best of all, InMotion Hosting makes utilizing WordPress simple through our one-click installer, Fantastico, in cPanel. Simply install and begin building the site of your dreams!


Guest Blogger James Mitchell-Hawkins, Sales Dept