WordPress and Video Games – WordCamp Orlando 2014

Last month our Customer Community Representative, Jeff M. who is constantly on the go attended WordCamp Orlando. He was kind enough to share his experience with us.

As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Orlando this past weekend. If you didn’t quite get it from the title, everything was classic video game themed. Being someone who loves classic games (but doesn’t have much time to play them) it was great to see all of the work that the organizers put into everything.

Due to Orlando being another WordCamp where individuals flew in from all around the country, I was able to reconnect with others that I have previously met, as well as meet new people whom I was able to learn from and share new ideas. Meeting with other like-minded individuals and sharing ideas is incredibly motivating.

The Main Event

Unlike most WordCamps that run on Saturday and Sunday, WordCamp Orlando took place on Friday and Saturday. Throughout the weekend, I couldn’t seem to remember what day it was, but it seemed to work out well as the majority of people were representing a business or freelancing.

WordCamp Orlando was full of talent. From Syed Balkhi’s incredible business genius to Mark Jaquith’s developer mind, all aspects of the WordPress world were well covered in some sort of “success wonderland”. Not once was my mind not blown by a conversation I had.

You can read more about Jeff’s experience here.

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