InMotion Websites Most Valuable Player

Each month our Web Design team meets and selects the "Most Valuable Player" of the month from our Website Sales Team. Web Designers will consider if they received assistance that went above and beyond from the Sales Representative and if they felt the customer was prepared and aware of the web design process.  

This past month, Derrick Taylor of our Website Sales Team was selected as MVP. Adam Tracey, Production Supervisor for our Web Design team states the following, "Derrick always goes the extra mile to make sure that what he is selling to the client is exactly what we will be able to deliver. He ask the right questions to find out if what the client wants is a viable request, which helps eliminate confusion later in the design process".

Congratulations Derrick! Keep up the hard work.

Do you have what it takes to be an MVP? We are currently seeking future MVPs for our Website Sales team. Send resumes to [email protected]