A Day in the Life – Technical Support

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at a Web Hosting company? We wanted to bring you a first hand account of a day in the life of two of our Technical Support Specialists in our Customer Success department. Shehab and Jenna help our customers with their hosting accounts while consistently providing amazing customer service.


For this position we don’t require any degree or certifications, although they can be helpful in enhancing your knowledge. Both of these team members learned most of their technical skills on the job. 













What is your favorite part about the Customer Success Department?

Jenna:  I love the comradery. People really do come together to help each other and the world is at your fingertips here. This job is a great opportunity to grow and build yourself while also getting to help others. It’s rewarding.


Shehab: Being able to learn new things about web hosting and Linux! 


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Jenna: Sometimes knowing when to stop helping. Some things will be out of scope of support for us but many of us will still try our best to see if we can fix the issue or at least get things in working order. There are times that we have to know when to say we cannot help with this and its not always easy to find that line when you really want to help.


Shehab: Having to multitask and handle multiple different issues at the same time.


What current experience, initiative or project are you most excited about?

Jenna: I have been working on our knowledge base system which has been a working improvement. Writing, testing, and updating support related articles as well as coaching on the proper way to create and revise the articles. 


Shehab: I’m pretty excited about our switch over to Zendesk.


How do you impact our customers?

Jenna: I do my best to fix as many issues as I can. I do my best to get answers or at the very least point them in the right direction if there is something that we cannot help with. We Care for them help try to help cultivate them and guide them so that they have the opportunity to learn how to do what they wish to accomplish on their own or with our help.


Shehab: I try to make sure every customer gets their issue solved and if I can’t solve it, I’ll try to lead them in the right direction so that they’ll be confident enough that they’ll be able to handle the issue either by themselves or with the help of someone else.


What does your morning look like?

Jenna:  I wake up and get my desk set up and ready. I typically have a day in chats so I wake up and get ready and try to get some morning coffee or redbull in my system. 5 AM comes too quickly.


Shehab: Nothing too exciting, I wake up, get ready for work and listen to a podcast while on the way to work.


What do you do for lunch/break?

Jenna: Being that we are home I use my lunch to take a shower, or take a nap depending on the time. If I am in the office I would walk around, grab some breakfast, and relax in the break room. Even then I still might take a nap.


Shehab: Lunches in the office for me usually involve heading to a nearby fast food place like Wendys, or Smashburger and grabbing and eating lunch there. But lunches now while working from home are a bit different I usually play some games on my computer like Doom or Call of duty.


How do you end your work day?

Jenna: I close up shop and instantly go take a few minutes to myself and relax. My work day ends with saying goodbye to my teammates and wishing them a great rest of their day. I sometimes sit down and play video games for a bit on the Nintendo Switch to relax as well.


Shehab: After I clock out I’ll usually end up playing super smash bros on the

office switch for a while before heading out.


What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Jenna: I like to paint, and be active. I spend time with my little ones and my friends and family in my free time. I love to cook so I am always experimenting with something new in the kitchen. If there is ever a chance to use fresh herbs and spices I will. In fact, one of my favorite things to make is Pesto from scratch.


Shehab: I tend to spend a lot of my free time either watching Netflix or playing Video games on my computer! I also just started getting into DnD and have been doing that pretty much every Saturday.


See what it’s like working at InMotion and if you would like to join Jenna and Shehab as a Technical Support Specialist, click here to learn more about our position opening! 

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