Summer Internship Spotlight: Sydney H.

Summer Internship ProgramSummer Internship Program

InMotion Hosting is very lucky to have welcomed a new intern through our Summer College Internship Program! The internships are designed to help students gain exposure, experience and learn about skills that they will need to succeed in their career field. Our Personal Finance Internship gives the opportunity to gain real experience in accounting methods and project management related to financial well-being. Keep reading to see more about her experience with the team so far!


What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

I work with Todd B. as an intern in the finance department! I love getting to work on subject matters that pertain to exactly what I want to do in life, financial advising!

How have you enjoyed working at InMotion Hosting since starting your internship?

Since the start of the internship, everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I’ve also enjoyed having the freedom to create great content to share and receiving all the great advice I do from my supervisor!

Where do you go to school? What are you currently studying?

I proudly attend THE Ohio State University and major in Consumer and Family Financial Services and minor in Insurance!

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I am spending my time working on a financial literacy presentation that I am so excited to share with IMH employees soon!

What are your career goals?

I plan to work for an advising firm and obtain my CFP soon. I also want to create some sort of organization that helps fund different causes that I support!

What would you like to tell us about yourself? 

I love to sing, be active in different organizations on campus and explore new places with my friends.

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