Pi Day in the Denver Office!

Here at InMotion Hosting, we love having fun, even on not the most typical holidays. For the month of March, our Denver office celebrated International Pi Day on March 14. This holiday celebrates the mathematical constant of π (3.14159) and originated almost 4,000 years ago!

Our team celebrated Pi Day in style with a variety of delicious pies!  We also held a contest by shift to see who could recite the most digits of pi from memory for a chance to win some InMotion Hosting swag. The Guinness World Record for the most digits recited is 67,890 – how many digits do you think you could recite?  We had many entries, but one of our associates, Paul, recited 84 digits of pi!  When asked for the source of his inspiration, Paul said that the day was “all about math and food who doesn’t love that!”

Here at InMotion, we work hard, but we have fun, too!  According to Nathan, “InMotion doesn’t only celebrate the major holidays, but also Pi Day! It’s pretty awesome! Quizzing Paul on how many digits of pi that he could memorize in 6 hours was quite the excitement of the day.”  Come join our team today!

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