Customer Kudo Program- Technical Support

The word Kudo is derived from the Greek word kyddas, which originally meant fame, renown, and glory. In today’s society we use the term Kudo as an alternative to the word compliment.   Here at InMotion Hosting our Tier 1 Technical Support Representatives have the ability to be rewarded for customer  compliments (kudos) they receive. The best way for a Tier 1 to earn customer kudos is by  “thrilling” the customer with their technical expertise and  a high level of customer service.

Here is what Nick Williams, a current Tier 1 Representative has to say about our Customer Kudo program.

Of all the places I have worked, InMotion has to be my favorite. We have something called a Kudos program. If a customer tells your manager that you did a good job, you get $10. An additional $5 goes into a pot and you get a raffle ticket. Once the pot reaches $1,000 it’s divided into another check.

Recently, I changed the way that I was asking for customer feedback. Last month I received 178 kudos (I’ve received 109 so far in July) for the customer telling the manager how I was doing. You can do the math on how much I earned! I also won the raffle which gave me another bonus amount, in addition to my regular paycheck because of the Kudos program.

Are you interested in learning more about current technical support openings InMotion Hosting has? Email your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Nick Williams, Tier 1 Rep and Kudo Earner