Customer Kudo Program- Web Design

Last week we introduced the IMH-Customer Kudo Program and provided insight from a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative. This week let’s check in with a member of our Web Design Team, Andy Aranas and see what he has to say about the program.

“As a Web Designer I, I make sure our customers receive the best possible experience when we update their custom website or troubleshoot website issues they may be having. Every phone call or email is an opportunity to “thrill” the customer and receive a compliment. It’s simple! If you do a good job, you get a reward. The Kudo Program has inspired me to do my best each month at my job. When I first started working at Inmotion Hosting 4 months ago, I was ranked with the most kudos in my department and I’m still in first place for this month. I’m excited to have that extra bonus each month. But I thought that was it, and I was pretty happy with what I got. I did not know that there was a monthly raffle until I won. I have won the raffle two times in a row and now I look forward to it every month.

My colleagues still wonder how I do it every month. Do you think I will reveal my secret?”

Andy Aranas, Web Designer and Kudo Earner