Behind the Scenes with the Customer Community Team

Here at InMotion Hosting we offer support to our customers in a variety of ways. One of the options is our Support Center, maintained by our Customer Community Team, and  increasing in popularity with our customers month over month. The Support Center is a platform that allows our “Do It Myself” customers and non-customers the ability to increase their technical knowledge and obtain answers to questions without having to dial a phone or enter into a chat.

Recently, two members of our Tier 1 Technical Support Team transitioned to roles in Customer Community. Let’s hear how their transition is going.

Scott Mitchell:

I have been with Inmotion for over 2 years now.I recently became a member
of our Customer Community team, which allows me to use all of my support
knowledge sprinkled with some occasional programming.

I’m learning new skills as a content writer and building tutorials
for a vareity of software and tools used both on the
web and on our servers. This is great as I get to learn more about the
programs and tools I already use and even jump into newer and different
software as they become available. Staying current is key.

SEO skills are a new development for me as well. The articles we write
will not be effective if people cannot find them. Learning how to get our content
written so it places in the best possible positions in the search
engines is important, challenging and fun.

My newest acquired skill is that of hosting webinars. It is neat to be
helping others by broadcasting to people around the web in a live
interactive environment. I get to educate on software such
as WordPress and in real time, answer any questions they have.
Now, if I can only find the right intro music…

Overall, the experience in Customer Community is great and a lot of fun.
It combines the skills and knowledge of a support technician, writer,
speaker, SEO specialist, and researcher. There is always something new
to learn and write about, which is one of the best things for me.

Arnel Custido:

I’ve been in Community Support for about a month now. Typically, my day is
spent between answering community support questions on the website and
writing technical how-to’s. Lately, my focus has been on two
different applications that are fully developed solutions for e-commerce.

It’s been interesting changing my focus from technical support to writing.
Providing and posting solutions in the Support Center that that others can
read and use at any time.

My time here has proven to be educational because I’m often reading and
learning about new softwares, thus increasing my own knowledge as well as
educating customers and non-customers.

In the process of researching applications that customers need assistance
with, we sometimes become involved in development cycles for softwares
that arecoming out. For example, I recently discovered a bug in a new
release of Prestashop and wrote in to their development team. To my
surprise, they reacted to it almost immediately and posted a fix in an
upcoming release. It’s satisfying seeing that kind of response, and
gives me more faith in recommending their solution to our customers.

Community Support is an evolving and changing team, but it’s been an
enjoyable experience thus far.






Arnel & Scott