IMH’s Customer Community Department Expands.

Here at InMotion Hosting we are always seeking new ways to "thrill" our customers and provide exceptional service. This has lead to the expansion of one of our newer departments, the Customer Community.

In the month of July:

  • 25,977 visitors to
  • Those 25,977 users looked at a total of 124,798 pages
  • Each user spent an average of 7 minutes on the site

These visitors were looking for information to assist them with technical issues they were encountering. This is where our Customer Community team members come into play. The team proactively monitors customers needs and creates effective technical articles and tutorials for our support website, they reach out to customers in internal and external support forums providing technical guidance, and they communicate with customers through various social media platforms.

Due to the great response and demand from customers that founding team member Brad Markle has seen, we are also actively seeking a 4th team member to join the ranks!

What makes this department fun?

  • Create great documentation, videos, tutorials, etc. for helping customers online
  • Have a direct impact on helping our company grow
  • Program fun tools to solve repetitive customer issues
  • Interact with customers on other sites, social media, and in our communities
  • Take on vps and dedicated server related problems – great chance to work some high level skills
  • Create a Customer Community that other hosting companies will envy!

New Team Members Tim and Christi already hard at work.