Drupal VPS Hosting Solutions

Hosting a Drupal website on a VPS is easy with InMotion Hosting!

Drupal VPS Hosting is the next step up from Drupal Shared Hosting. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is going to give you both more server resources (such as RAM and CPU) and a fully customizable hosting server. InMotion Hosting has several different VPS hosting plans you can choose from for your next Drupal hosting solution.

Drupal with VPS: Guaranteed Resources

If you decided to host Drupal on a shared server, your Drupal website shares the server's resources with all other websites on the same physical server. These server resources include RAM and CPU time, which are used each and every time someone visits your website. Problems arise when one of the following situations come into play:

Scenario 1: Your website becomes too popular

If your Drupal website gains in popularity and receives lots of traffic, your website may begin to use more of the essential parts of the server, such as RAM and CPU. When this happens, it takes these away from other websites that need them, and as a result those websites can experience performance issues.

Scenario 2: Traffic from other websites negatively impact your own

Very similar to the scenario above, your Drupal website may be on a server where other websites aren't playing fair. They may either be experiencing surges in traffic, or they may even have unoptimized PHP code that causes their scripts to run out of control. Either way, your website becomes an innocent bystander.

Regardless of the situation, VPS Drupal Hosting helps to solve both of these issues. In a VPS environment, your websites are guaranteed their own block of the server's resources. For example, the 6GB RAM plan guarantees 6GB of RAM. This means that when you need RAM, you'll have at least 6GB to use, and your websites won't need to compete with anything else to use it.

We don't want to say, it isn't rocket science, but it sure is a fascinating and very technical setup. We make VPS hosting easy, fun, and affordable.

Fully Customizable VPS Configurations

In addition to having your own server resources, VPS Servers are fully customizable. Think about it, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This means that you have your own server. This includes your own Operating System and your own core processes, such as Apache and MySQL. Having your own instances of these programs running on your server gives you the freedom to make configuration changes without having to worry about how it will affect other websites (a problem in shared hosting).

custom apache configuration

If you need specific caching settings for MySQL or require custom changes to Apache's httpd.conf file (configuration file), we can help make it happen. It's your server, make it work for you!

VPS Hosting solutions for Drupal

InMotion Hosting offers the following VPS Packages:





Affordable performance & flexibility.

  • 2GB Available RAM
  • 45GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

The best value for responsive, powerful websites.

  • 4GB Available RAM
  • 75GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Advanced performance for demanding applications.

  • 6GB Available RAM
  • 105GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Best for high-growth businesses & high traffic.

  • 8GB Available RAM
  • 140GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Interested in a Drupal hosting solution? Compare all of our VPS hosting plans and specifications and find the right solution for your needs. We pride ourselves on offering both top quality VPS Hosting and the best, USA-based, customer service in the industry.

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