Easy cPanel Backups

In the unfortunate event that your website files become corrupt or the database is damaged, your cPanel® backup can be used to restore your website within a few seconds.

By running periodic cPanel backups, you’ll never have to worry about losing your online presence.


cPanel Backup Options Include:

  • Backup Website Files
  • Backup Home Directory
  • Backup Email Forwarders
  • Backup Email Filters
  • Backup MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL Databases
  • Backup Full cPanel Account
  • Restore Backup Files


Schedule cPanel Backups with Ease

Set up CRON jobs to automate when your backups occur and remove the hassle of remembering to perform a backup. You’ll gain the knowledge of always knowing when your last backup was completed.


Move From Another Hosting Company to InMotion Hosting

cPanel to cPanel website transfers make moving web hosts a breeze. You can package your website files and folders from another hosting provider if you have cPanel. Once you package your website, including your MySQL databases, you will be able to migrate them to us within minutes.

cPanel Backup Solutions FAQs

How do I backup email in cPanel?

Backups are now commonplace features in cPanel. The cPanel email backup, Backup Wizard, manually backups your email and other data. It gives you a complete backup file. Another option is a paid feature called Backup Manager which can backup your emails, website, and other important files starting at $2.50 per month. For more information about Backup Wizard please view the support center article, How to Create Backups in cPanel with the Backup Wizard.

How do I backup a database in cPanel?

Almost every website on the internet operates using a database. This means that every piece of content, blog post, marketing page, and more have the potential to be erased or lost if your database is corrupted. Site backups are essential and cPanel makes it easy to accomplish this task. Learn how to backup and restore your cPanel instance, website files and databases with our Guide to cPanel Backups.

How do I backup a WordPress website in cPanel?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world for a reason, it is easy for end-users. The best cPanel backup solution for WordPress comes with your hosting account. You can do automatic full and partial backups, as well as, manual backups. Your backups will include your MySQL databases, emails, DNS settings, and site home directory. Get started with our Guide to WordPress Backups.


cPanel Backup Solutions

Protect your business with the best cPanel backup solutions.