• Easy cPanel Backups

    In the unfortunate event that your website files become corrupt or the database is damaged, your cPanel backup can be used to restore your website within a few seconds.

    By running periodic cPanel backups, you’ll never have to worry about losing your online presence.

    • cPanel backup options include:
      • Website Files
      • Email Forwarders
      • Email Filters
      • SQL Databases
    • Schedule cPanel backups with ease

    Setup CRON jobs to automate when your backups occur and remove the hassle of remembering to perform a backup. You’ll gain the knowledge of always knowing when your last backup was completed.

    • Move from another host to InMotion Hosting

    cPanel to cPanel website transfers make moving web hosts a breeze. You can package your website files and folders from another hosting provider if you have cPanel. Once you package your website, including your MySQL databases, you will be able to migrate them to us within minutes.

    cPanel Backup Solutions FAQs

    • How do I backup email in cPanel?

    • How do I backup a database in cPanel?

    • How do I backup a WordPress website in cPanel?

cPanel Backup Solutions

Stay safe. Get the best cPanel backup solutions for your site and data.