Moodle 4 needs sodium activated. Please help us activating it for the shared webhosting plans.

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I was trying to install the new version of Moodle (4... and also some previous version 3.x) as it  is the newest and safer one. But after trying to install it from softaculous, there is an error message that says that sodium is required. I was looking around and found that many other applications are also asking for sodium. Please inmotion, can you help us in letting us using sodium? I'm really concerned about our websites will be not able to get any upgrade soon.


Arnel C
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Thanks for the question in regards to installing Sodium.  This is an extension that requires a PECL install.  You will not be able to install that in a shared server account.  It requires root access on a VPS or dedicated server.  I recommend that you contact our live technical support team to see if they can install it for you.  They have access to the servers and will be able to make that determination.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.