Members are not able to access members list and print. We need to be able to do this with a password for privacy. Please advise. This site has been practically useles to River's Edge Owner's Assoc. Please advise.

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Arnel C
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Hello Scott,

Sorry for the issues with your members not being able to access a member list and print.  We would need more information on how you're trying to get people to access the member list.  Typically, this kind of thing is handled through an application and by user roles.  We don't know what application you're using to access the list, so we can't try to give you answer (there are literally thousands of applications that have "member lists").

Printing is not something controlled through a Web Hosting service.  We can handle issues with your website, but printing may require that you speak with a knowledgeable technical person who is familiar with your internal network.  Like the member list access, we need more information on how you're trying to print?  Are you in an application? Are you in a website?  

If you can please provide more information, then we may be able to determine the cause of your access and printing issues.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know!

Kindest Regards,
Arnel C.