Cancelled my Subscription Account But Still Does Not Get Any Message

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I am really happy from your hosting services and want to continue your services but as you know our world and economy suffers from a pandemic disease which not only suffered the nation but also the marketing business.

I am currently working on my Tilers Perth project which shows amazing growth from the past two months but after this pandemic disease occurred, I am not able to sustain my business in these conditions. 

I will need a break from my work but will further continue when my conditions are recovered again.

I will again take your subscription offers but now I am unable to do. 

I already cancel your subscription offer but does not get any confirmed cancellation message from your side. How I am able to confirmed my cancellation offer? Guide me and let me know.

Thanks for all the services you provided me and I will return as soon as possible.

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I'm so sorry to hear that your business has been affected by the pandemic. As this is a public forum, I cannot reply with your cancellation confirmation. Please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Service department. They will be able to review your account and provide the cancellation information you need. 

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