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    Joomla! is a popular open source content management system (CMS) commonly used to create, edit and display web content on Servers, in this case a Dedicated Server Hosting, equipped with a PHP compatible web server. Aside from its CMS capabilities, Joomla! was built on a model-view-controller (MVC) web application framework that works independently of the CMS hence some developers prefer Joomla! because of its flexibility in building online applications.

    A Few Reasons to Upgrade to Our Joomla Dedicated Server:

    Are you receiving Shared or VPS overage warnings due to CPU, memory, storage, or bandwidth utilization?

    As your Joomla! sites or applications grow in popularity and complexity, you may find yourself in need of alternative hosting with more resources. Shared and VPS hosting are both implemented on services that share resources among their users. This requires users to stay within their allotted resource limits. A Dedicated Server doesn’t have preset limits on CPU, RAM or Storage utilization because with Dedicated Server Hosting, you own the server – No artificial limits on MySQL queries, table or database size.

    My App needs more Memory or Storage and I don’t want to upgrade plans repeatedly to solve this.

    InMotion Hosting Dedicated Servers are upgradable. Adding more RAM is an easier solution than purchasing a new Shared or VPS plan. Storage works the same way. Choose an SSD for faster performance storage or add an extra HDD instead and get more storage for your money. There’s no need to purchase another Plan with more storage or memory.

    Need help finding a Dedicated Server that meets your Joomla! 3.X Requirements?

    As of the writing of this article, Joomla! 3.X recommends the following:

    • PHP 5.6 or 7.0 +
      • Additional settings / requirements: Magic Quotes GPC, MB String Overload = off
      • Zlib Compression Support, XML Support, INI Parser Support, JSON Support, Mcrypt Support, MB Language = Default
    • One of the following databases:
      • MySQL 5.5.3+ with InnoDB support required
      • SQL Server 10.50.1600.1+
      • PostgreSQL 9.1+
    • One of the following supported web servers:
      • Apache 2.4+ with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib
      • Nginx 1.8+
      • Microsoft IIS 7

    Dedicated Server Hosting comes pre-installed with LAMP stack and cPanel to start you off on the right foot and support Joomla!

    Joomla! App and Site Transfer with Managed Hosting

    Get back to planning, development and running your business and let the SysAdmins from our managed hosting team move your existing Joomla! website / applications. All of our Dedicated Servers include 2-4 hours of SysAdmin time that can be applied to website transfer and server optimizations.

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