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Compare InMotion Hosting to ResellerClub Reseller Hosting

Discover how InMotion’s Reseller Hosting plans stand out from ResellerClub.


InMotion Hosting


Unlimited Bandwidth*

NVMe SSD Storage**

Up to 300GB

cPanel Accounts

Up to 100 Free LicensesUp to 25 Free Licenses

Free Dedicated IP

Free Advertising Credits

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Free DDoS Protection

Hack and Malware Protection

Free WHMCS Management Panel

Custom Nameservers

Email on Any Device

Employee-Owned Company

Money-Back Guarantee

90 Days30 Days

Better Business Bureau® Accredited


Community Forum

24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support

Based on information available 11-24-2023. For corrections or suggestions, please email [email protected]

*Unlimited Bandwidth included on R-3000N and R-4000N hosting plans only.
**NVMe SSD included on R-2000N, R-3000N, and R-4000N hosting plans only.

Award-Winning Reseller Hosting

InMotion Hosting is the obvious choice when it comes to reseller hosting.

Getting the right Reseller Hosting plan that best fits your reseller business goals means getting the most storage space or bandwidth at the right price. This article will show you why InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting plans outshine those of ResellerClub.

In short, ResellerClub customers often switch to InMotion Hosting for a few reasons:

  • Resell Hosting & Domains Under Your Brand
  • NVMe Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Dedicated IP Address(es) Included
  • cPanel Licenses Included – No Additional Fees
  • RAID 6 Data Protection
  • WHMCS Management Panel
  • Marketing Tools
  • Security Suite

TechRadar also recognizes us as the Best Choice for Reseller Hosting in 2023.

PCMag Editors Choice

G2 Winter 2024 Web Hosting Leader

Best Small Business Web Hosting Services Badge

Trustpilot - Rated Excellent Badge

2023 Silver Award - Top 25 Best WordPress Hosting

ResellerClub vs. InMotion Hosting – Reseller Hosting

Not only does InMotion Hosting offer true 24/7/365 U.S.-based support with every single plan, but our reseller hosting plans offer far more bang for your buck.

Here are the key differences between Reseller Hosting with InMotion Hosting and ResellerClub.

  • We offer up to 300GB NVMe storage compared to ResellerClub’s 200GB on traditional SSD hard drives.
  • The InMotion advantage includes access to unlimited bandwidth. Meanwhile, ResellerClub caps its bandwidth to 3900GB.
  • Reseller plans at InMotion Hosting include up to five free dedicated IPs for resellers. ResellerClub requires users to purchase their dedicated IPs.
  • InMotion Hosting offers up to 100 free cPanel licenses for resellers compared to ResellerClub’s 25 license limit.
  •  Get powerful marketing tools including our BoldGrid site builder, free advertising credits, and custom nameservers.
  • InMotion Hosting customers receive a complimentary $150 in free advertising credits.
  • Unlike ResellerClub, our reseller plans include WHMCS for free.
  • We also offer easy-to-manage website security with Monarx and free DDoS protection.
  • InMotion Hosting is a 100% employee-owned company and we retain ownership over our server infrastructure.

By comparing the two hosting options, InMotion Hosting has more to offer when it comes to reseller hosting features.

Now let’s take a look at how those features offer you far more value and resources for your reseller hosting investment. Or, you can try our services risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Get a Special Deal on InMotion Reseller Hosting Today

  • Hyperfast NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free cPanel & WHMCS
  • Free Dedicated IP & SSL
  • RAID 6 Data Protection
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Make the switch today to InMotion Hosting and let our website transfer service do all the heavy lifting. Trust us to handle the technical details so you can focus on your business.

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Faster Website and Performance

InMotion Hosting is the go-to choice for fast and performance-driven web hosting. The infrastructure of our servers is built to deliver content in milliseconds. We ensure up to 20x faster website speeds on our servers, powered by NVMe SSD hardware.


We are proud to be an industry leader in NVMe Hosting. NVMe SSD hardware offers faster data transfer rates between storage devices and other server hardware. As a result, hosting on NVMe drives improves the overall performance of your website.

NVMe not only drives better performance, but it is now an industry standard. Currently, ResellerClub’s web hosting servers still use traditional SSDs. InMotion Hosting also provides more disk space, allowing resellers to support more customers.

InMotion HostingStorageBandwidthResellerClubStorageBandwidth

InMotion Hosting vs ResellerClub – Reseller Hosting Plans

NVMe technology allows websites to instantly serve text, images, and files to visitors faster than websites hosted on the average SSD or HDD web hosting. Thus, offering your clients maximum site performance and giving you a competitive edge.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The InMotion advantage includes access to unlimited bandwidth. InMotion Hosting customers do not need to worry about paying more for using more bandwidth. In contrast, ResellerClub limits bandwidth to 3900GB before they charge customers for more.

Unlimited bandwidth provides valuable benefits for resellers:

  • Scalability: Unlimited bandwidth helps accommodate a growing number of clients and website visitors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Clients experience fewer disruptions and no unexpected overage charges.
  • A Competitive Advantage: It provides a strong selling point and sets resellers apart in a competitive web hosting market.

“After about 7 Years of being a loyal customer, I have around 3 VPS servers, Reseller Hosting, and several other products. I can assure you that in hosting companies, all that matters is the service quality and customer support.”

“I have had a Reseller hosting account with InMotion for over ten years. For flawless performance and great customer service, InMotion Hosting is my No 1. I’ve tried a few of the others so that’s a genuine statement if 10 years and counting doesn’t persuade you.”

“I’ve been with InMotion Hosting from its beginning. I’ve always received personal attention when I’ve had a question. The company has good communication regarding billing. My websites run well, and I feel confident in InMotion Hosting’s performance.”

Reseller Features

Reseller hosting services like InMotion Hosting and ResellerClub include business tools like customer management, domain reseller, and white label.

But, if you are looking for more features out of your ResellerClub plans, it will come with additional costs. However, reseller plans at InMotion Hosting include tools like:

  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Free Dedicated IPs
  • Free WHMCS

Free Dedicated IPs

A dedicated IP assigns a unique address to your websites and a hosting account. They are crucial to reselling web hosting services for various reasons:

  1. They are essential when using an SSL certificate.
  2. They enable you to access your site via FTP and load it in a browser directly through the IP address.
  3. They enhance the reputation and security of your reseller business.
  4. They strengthen the reliability and security of email delivery.

InMotion Hosting includes up to five free dedicated IPs to help our resellers get started. Whereas ResellerClub charges $3.99 per dedicated IP.

cPanel & WHMCS

cPanel makes it easy to maintain your web hosting from a central dashboard. It provides a user-friendly interface to manage your website, files, domain configurations, and other essential tasks. Likewise, cPanel is also the most popular web control panel for web hosting.

InMotion Hosting offers up to 100 cPanel licenses with our Reseller Hosting plans. In contrast, ResellerClub offers up to only 25 licenses for cPanel before charging you for more.

Similarly, Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) helps resellers manage their clients and billing. WHMCS comes free with InMotion Hosting Reseller plans. At ResellerClub, customers can purchase WHMCS on higher-tiered plans for an introductory price of $7 with a renewal price of $10.

Easy-to-Use Marketing Tools

InMotion Hosting offers easy and convenient tools that make Reseller Hosting a breeze. Our Reseller Hosting plans are user-friendly, especially with a cPanel control panel. It’s all you need for a seamless hosting experience.

Moreover, our reseller plans include helpful marketing tools to kickstart your business:

  • Website Builder
  • Email on Any Device
  • Free Advertising Credits
  • Domain Reseller
  • White Labeling
  • Custom Nameservers

Drag & Drop Website Builder

Offer your customers more than web hosting with a website builder. Website builders make it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking website in minutes. Create an amazing-looking website without having to know how to code.

Not all hosting providers offer proprietary site builders for reseller hosting, including ResellerClub.

But, InMotion Hosting’s Reseller plans include BoldGrid, an intuitive drag-and-drop site builder. BoldGrid allows you to replace, edit, and resize images and other content on the front end of your webpage. This way, you can preview exactly what your visitors will see. BoldGrid also comes with 200 different site layouts to kick-start your web design.

Custom Nameservers

Included in your Reseller Hosting price is the ability to use custom nameservers, which can help you in branding your reseller accounts. A custom nameserver is associated with your domain, instead of with your web host’s.

There are a couple of benefits to using the same domain for both your website and nameserver:

  • It is easier for your reseller clients to remember.
  • It can provide your customers with a greater sense of security.

For more information, check out our guide on how to use your custom nameserver.

Free Advertising Credits

Unlike ResellerClub, InMotion Hosting provides resellers with $150 in advertising credits. Reseller Hosting customers have the exclusive opportunity to use these credits when they opt for our services.

Using these free advertising credits allows you to boost your marketing efforts, attracting more customers and gaining a competitive edge.


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Website Security

Keeping your online presence safe from possible dangers is a must to protect your data, visitors, and reputation.

On website security, InMotion Hosting and ResellerClub may look similar with features like:

  • Free SSL
  • Automatic Backups Available
  • Data Protection

But, InMotion Hosting stands out with some unique security features to safeguard your website, like Free DDoS, Hack, and Malware protection.

Monarx Security

Monarx security is a next-generation web firewall (NGWF) and anti-malware software for websites.

In 2021, InMotion Hosting began its partnership with Monarx to enhance website security for our Shared Hosting customers. During our first year, we saw a 40% reduction in security-related customer support cases.

Monarx focuses on the behavior of PHP code and other coding languages to identify malware and mitigate falsely marked files. This feature is exclusive to our Shared Hosting and protects from threats like

  • Web Shells
  • Adware
  • Phishing
  • Mailers and more.

The Monarx Dashboard is easy to access through cPanel. Additionally, the dashboard itself provides a simple overview of your website’s security status – making your website security easy to understand.

Backup Manager

The success or failure of your site over time depends upon having backups.  That’s why all InMotion Hosting reseller plans include the option to add Backup Manager.

With Backup Manager, you can create and restore full or partial file backups with only a few clicks. On top of that, you can also automate your own scheduled backups to run at the most convenient times. So, you will never have to be without a backup ever again.

You can add Backup Manager to any reseller plan for only $2.50/mo, which gets you 10GB of storage. Adding storage is easy through your Account Management Panel at a rate of $1.50 per additional 10GB.

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InMotion Hosting boasts modern NVMe SSD storage, dedicated caching, and scalable resources to deliver blazing-fast page loads your customers will appreciate.

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InMotion is a very strong provider to choose. It provides all the tools you need to succeed on shared and VPS plans, so you can start small and set big goals.

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In my opinion, InMotion Hosting is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality hosting provider. I would highly recommend InMotion Hosting to others based on my positive experience with them.

Excellent Support and Guarantee

Part of our mission at InMotion Hosting is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. So, we start by offering a satisfaction guarantee on our products and 24/7 support from a team of highly-trained web hosting experts.

Money-Back Guarantee

Like many other hosting companies, ResellerClub offers a standard 30-day guarantee on its hosting plans.

But, at InMotion Hosting, we know how fast 30 days can go by when you’re getting familiar with your new hosting plan. That’s why all our Reseller Hosting plans are backed by an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, you have three months to try out your hosting plan and make sure it suits your needs.

You won’t find a money-back guarantee like this with any other hosting provider, including ResellerClub. Our 90-day guarantee is one of the reasons PCMag named InMotion Hosting one of The Best Web Hosting Services of 2023

U.S.-Based Support

All our products include live, 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer support. We keep an eye on your website and data while working on making them better so that you can rest easy.

Our web hosting experts have years of experience. Additionally, all support team members undergo a rigorous internal training program. Training covers technical subjects such as WP-CLI, Linux, NGINX, and more. After 280+ hours of training, our support team is ready to give you top-notch customer service.

Community Forum

Whether you are a blogger, developer, or entrepreneur, access to a community forum allows you to connect and share your experiences.

InMotion Hosting provides a community forum that serves as another hub for problem-solving. It is a collaborative space where you can find quick fixes to technical issues and overcome challenges. Likewise, our forums help you build a support network with both our experts and fellow users.

Furthermore, the community forum promotes transparency and trust. Customers can discuss their experiences, provide feedback, and offer suggestions for improvement. This direct line of communication helps us, as a web hosting provider, to better understand your needs and tailor our services.

Like InMotion Hosting, ResellerClub offers a comprehensive knowledge base of support articles. But, it lacks a communal environment linking you directly to our experts. Our community forums strengthen our relationship with our customers and enhance transparency.

“We have the best experience with InMotion Hosting VPS and reseller service. Since 2016 we manage several services for our company without problems, the support is excellent, very fast and clever.”

“I’ve had a VPS reseller account with InMotion for a year now. Chat help has been 100% effective and the wait time is very reasonable. InMotion has been a great fit for my business needs.”

“I have been using InMotion’s reseller plan to host over 50 client websites for over three years. I have always been impressed with their knowledgable support team and quality hardware.”

Global Presence

With its global reach, InMotion Hosting can offer superior web hosting services to clients overseas. Customers who have an international presence or target a global audience can benefit from more localized data centers. As a result, these data centers can reduce latency and improve website performance for international users.

Further, GDPR compliance enhances your data privacy and can assist your websites to meet these requirements too.

International Data Center

Unlike ResellerClub, at InMotion Hosting we own our server locations. This puts us in a unique position to better accommodate our customers.

Owning our server locations gives us complete control to implement tighter security and monitoring to enhance the protection of your data. We can also directly optimize our servers to meet our customers’ needs for performance and scalability. Moreover, if a customer goes over their bandwidth, we can accommodate them.


As a 100% employee-owned company, InMotion Hosting prioritizes your needs. Since we are an employee-owned company, we rank our customers’ needs over stakeholders’ interests.

Currently, Newfold Digital (formerly EIG), GoDaddy, and Network Solutions dominate the hosting industry. Those three mega-companies own almost every brand that you’ll come across. But not InMotion Hosting.

Newfold Digital owns ResellerClub and similar companies. Even if you switch to another hosting company, it’s likely owned by one of the big three. So, you can expect to be as satisfied at your new company as you were at your previous one.

But, at InMotion Hosting, you can expect to be treated like a priority, because you are a priority.

Switch to InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting reseller hosting plans are built to fit your needs and budgets. We offer web hosting services that are reliable, fast and cared for by teams of highly skilled technical experts.

You and your clients can expect a smooth experience with 99.9% uptime on our servers. Plus, assistance is easy to get with our 24/7 support team waiting on the sidelines whenever you need it.

Built to scale and backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure we have a reseller plan perfect for you.


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