Team Member Profile: Chenell B.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Position: Support – Tier 1 E

Been with InMotion Hosting since: December 2016


How have you enjoyed working in the web hosting industry since starting at InMotion Hosting?

This is the first job I’ve had where I actually learn something new everyday. Things are constantly changing here to keep up with technological advances, so we’re always on our toes. There is never a single moment of boredom working here.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

I’m currently a Tier 1E Technical Support Representative, which is a Tier 1 with extra access to perform certain actions. I find it extremely rewarding when I’ve been working on a troubling issue for a customer and I come to a solution. Aside from the actual work side of things, the environment here is fun and relaxed which makes it impossible to not make any friends. Beware of the extra pounds you’ll put on from the stocked snack cabinet and the delicious free weekly lunches!

What was the training process like?

The training process was really thorough. I came to this job barely knowing what Web Hosting was, and the trainers made sure we had a good understanding of the job before we got to the floor. The discussions and group games were entertaining, engaging, and facilitated a really positive learning experience.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

Ooh, this is a toughy. My girlfriend’s mom just got us Ipad Pros for Christmas, and I’m already in love with that. It’s practically like a keyboard-less Mac Book. I’m not too artsy myself, but it’s amazing if you’re into graphic design. I mainly use it for photo editing and games.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

I absolutely love traveling! Earlier this year my girlfriend and I went to London and Paris and that was amazing. I really enjoyed the culture and the overall atmosphere. We definitely plan on returning! I’m also a super foodie. I love finding new restaurants to try out, and this area has a pretty great selection. When I’m not eating or traveling, I’ll typically be playing video games or brushing up on my coding skills.


Would you like to join our Support Team? Take a look at our open Web Hosting Technical Support position and send your resume to [email protected]. For a list of all our open positions, click here.


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