Happy One-Year Anniversary, Denver!

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Happy anniversary to our Denver, CO office!

A little over one year ago, we opened a small office in Denver and welcomed our first InMotion Hosting team members.  We started with only 5 team members, and today we have 50 team members!  Departments currently in the Denver office include: Training, Support, Marketing, Recruiting, Sales, Corporate Support, Human Resources, Advanced Product Support, and Systems.  In fact, our Denver office is moving into a new home in 2018 as we continue to expand and grow!  

It is a very exciting time for growth at InMotion, and we are so glad that the Denver team was and continues to be a key part of our growth initiatives.  Thank you again, Denver staff, for cultivating, caring, improving, thrilling, and having fun!

Would you like to work for a growing company?  Check out our open positions here!

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