Out of Office Fun

We believe that to be successful at providing quality support and products to our customers, we must work together as a team. Not only do we need to work together as a team, but also have fun together as a team. We recently took our Denver office to Brunswick bowling alley in Lakewood for an afternoon of food, fun, and team building activities.  Between all the food, bowling, and arcade machines, the time together was worth it. Some of our team members even found that they had a hidden talent at arcade games!

“I may be bad at bowling but the event sure was a touchdown.” – Weston G.

Many memories were made as several of our team members tried their hand at the claw machine in the arcade. These attempts were successful and stuffed animals were won!

“InMotion Hosting gave us the opportunity to bond with other support representatives, team leads, and other departments for a day of bowling, food, and arcade games. We ended up spending a significant amount of time trying to get stuffed animals from the claw machines with a whole team of people.” – Daniel J.

The time together at this event was not only fun, but it brought all departments together, giving a greater appreciation for each individual and the talents that they bring to our incredible team.  We believe that having fun is an important part of the job, and a fun and relaxed environment allows us to meet any challenge as a team.

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