Calling all Systems Engineers!

We are excited to be creating a new engineering team to add to our current team of System Administrators! Today, our System Development work is done within our joint Web-Ops and Sys-Dev group, but we are now growing out the team separately to provide more resources for us to improve our products, offer new products, and continue to grow our customer base.

We are looking for candidates passionate about hosting as a product, platform availability, and driven by the desire to build something better than what our competitors can put out. You must be analytical and have a strong engineering approach.

Expertise in the following areas will make you a good candidate. Not all areas need to be specifically part of your experience, but a blend of this experience is required. Candidates will be based in either Virginia Beach, VA or Los Angeles, CA.

Systems Engineer I – 5+ years as a System Administrator in a Linux Environment. Minimum of 1 year in the environments listed below. Occasionally rotation into the operational team with on-call responsibilities. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Systems Engineer II – 8+ years as a System Administrator in a Linux Environment. 3+ years in the environments listed below and experience selecting hardware, tuning, and growing the platform. Bachelor’s degree required.

Network Storage of various approaches including background in:
•Hardware vendors like NetApp/EMC
•Software solutions like Ceph/Gluster
•Large scale (100+TB) storage systems with different levels of performance/cost
•Strong understanding of files systems and storage approaches
•Transport considerations like iSCSI, Fiber Channel, including appropriate server and network hardware
•Designing for particular performance for services typically found in a web hosting environment

Automated Deployments/Management Systems of various approaches:
•Virtualization including KVM, Xen, Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, VMWare, etc.
•Automated networking
•Self created automation using shell scripts, python, Perl, or other backend programming.

System Design Background including:
•High Availability for a large number of virtual machines (1000+ for advanced levels)
•Automated performance leveling/multiple performance levels
•Experience designing and building against requirements
•Create standards and work with operational teams to implement and maintain standards

Ready to apply? Send your resume and salary requirements to [email protected]

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