IMH Summer Events 2018 – Denver

Every year InMotion Hosting throws a summer event to say thank you to all of our team members and their amazing families. This year for our event, we took our Denver office to Dave & Busters for an afternoon of food and fun. The Human Resources staff created a bingo team building competition where the employees and their guests were split into teams and raced to get a blackout bingo. Some of the items listed on the bingo sheet were ‘Take a photo with another team’, ‘Play air hockey with your team’, and ‘Win something from a claw machine’. This brought a lot of friendly competition and was a highlight for everyone in attendance. The fun didn’t stop with the bingo blackout race; we had prizes and vacation vouchers to raffle off to our team members. We even gave away a TV!

We believe in having fun and our team members would all agree, joining the InMotion Hosting team not only is great work, but is a complete blast! We would like to see you at our next event. Apply today to join our incredible team!

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