Is Managed VPS Like Having a Server Administrator?

Is managed VPS like having a server administrator? | InMotion Hosting

One of the top choices for website hosting options today is VPS hosting. And with that, many people are wondering whether they should also consider adding a managed option to their hosting plan. As with everything in life, this question isn’t a strictly “Yes” or “No” type of query but has several factors that need to be taken into account.

For many people, the benefits of having a managed VPS will definitely outweigh the monetary side of things. But for others, it may not be worth the extra cost.

What is VPS Hosting?

First off, let’s look at what you get with a virtual private server (VPS). On this system, your website will be stored on a server with many other websites. However, your portion of the server will be partitioned so that it is like you have a small dedicated server saved on that computer.

You will not have to share any of the resources for the site with other sites on the same server. Each site will have its own designated resources, such as memory, storage space, and bandwidth.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

The only difference with managed VPS hosting is that you will have one additional resource at your disposal—a qualified team of IT experts who will be working to maintain the “behind the scenes” workings of your website. They will not be updating the website itself. That will still be your job unless you outsource that to someone else. But these individuals will act as a server administration team to do a lot of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to maintenance on your website and server.

What are the Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting?

Obviously, to go from a regular VPS to a managed platform, you are going to be paying more for the service. But there are several benefits to this. These include:

  • Updates to your system’s software. The company behind your CMS or content management system (such as WordPress) will routinely roll out updates for your software. We cannot belabor the point that these are massively important. Many times, the company will detect flaws in their security that could be (or already have been) breached by hackers.

You can run your own updates, but a managed plan would make sure that the updates are done as soon as they are available. These administrators stay updated with all of the changes to your CMS and they will know what needs to be done to keep it more secure.

  • Back-ups of your website. Another way to keep your site secure is to do routine back-ups of the site. That way, if the site crashes or is compromised by malware, you can scrap it and start over from the last saved iteration of the site. As with updates, you can do your own back-ups. But having an administrator who takes this burden off of you is a great relief. You can have them do regular back-ups of your site and not have to worry if the back-up was complete or when to schedule them. You will know that you are guaranteed to have a safe restore point for your website.
  • Better customer support. The other added benefit is that your website will still be under your control and you will have the ability to be as hands-on as you are comfortable with. However, when problems do arise and you need extra support, you will have that in the form of your management team.  They will assist you immediately instead of having to wait for ticketed customer support, which may get back to you on their schedule.

Managed VPS hosting gives you the freedom and control of traditional VPS plans with the added bonus of having a server administrator who knows the ins-and-outs of your CMS and can assist you in the regular maintenance that you may need. InMotion Hosting can provide you with either VPS option and give you the support that you need to be successful.

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