I have an issue sending emails from VPS hosted on Digital Ocean Server to IMH hosting server.

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I am having an issue sending emails from the server that VPS hosted on Digital Ocean to the IMH hosting server.

The server uses postfix to send emails.

I have no issue sending to other mail servers, only to inmotion one.

Also, I checked to send emails from other servers to InMotion Hosting Server, all is working well.

I believe all of the configs is correct on my end and was wondering if something needed to be edited on the inMotion mail server to prevent the emails from getting blocked.?
Please help me with this problem.


Paulo Amorim.

InMotion Hosting Contributor
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Hello and thanks for contacting us. Without knowing whether you receiving the email, or it's just going spam, I'd have to recommend you check mail server logs (exim), try to use SMTP authentication, and see our email authentication guide. For further assistance, please contact Live Support.