How to login to server via ssh as root user?

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As the above image shows, after I login to my AMP control panel, I cannot see SSH management button on it, and I didn't receive my root password to login to ther server as root. Is there any way to get my root password or show the ssh management button on the AMP? 

Also, Ansible also need password of the server to connect to it, if I do not know the root passward of the server, I can do nothing with it.

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Thanks for the question in regards to using SSH with your Ansible account.  You generally directly connect to it with SSH - it's not an interface software like cPanel.  You can reference this article to use SSH.  Root access is typically granted by request, depending on the account type.  Please contact our live technical support team for its availability.

There are also several tutorials available for Ansible Automation.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

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