why the server CPU alway full

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We have tried many times, it is really hard to finish the website https://firemaxcambodia.com/index.php with the server CUP is always full. Currently, Files and databases have already uploaded hosting, but we need to complete the configuration for the final step. Please help to double check it. thanks.

IMH Support Agent 2
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Sorry for the issues with your website being slow to load and perform.  I went ahead and ran your site through GTMETRIX.com - which is a performance measurement site.  They look through your code and offer insight into issues that might be affecting the performance of your site.  I also looked at your account, and I noticed that there was a ticket.  

First, the Gtmetrix results indicate that you're not using caching, and you can also improve things that are loading on your site.  Check out this article for optimizing WordPress. I highly recommend taking a look at Gtmetrix.com.  You can enter your URL for free, and they will provide recommendations.  You can also use Google's Pagespeed Insights for similar suggestions.

Tech support may also provide some insight as to what's happening on the server.  If your server is a factor in the performance issues, then they should be able to identify it and provide you with solutions. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.