Mail Delivery Status Notification (failure)

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I sent an email to an email address which does not accept replies.  Now I have very frequent auto returned mails (mail delivery status notification (failure), which saturated my mailbox (I already moved it to my spam folder).  I need to delete them frequently.

Is there any way to disable the automatic notifications for mail failure? 

Thank you.

IMH Support Agent 1
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Thank you for contacting us about a large influx of email failure notices.  Typically only one returned message should be sent per email that was sent. Are these emails being returned from the same email account? For example, are there multiple emails being sent that are failing? This could indicate that someone could be using your account to send spam to random people causing them to bounce or be returned. If that is the case, for security purposes I recommend rotating the email password for the address that is getting messages returned.

You could create an email filter to automatically send to a specific folder or discard the message.

If your problems persist or you need help finding a solution, our Live Support can look at your specific account and mail logs to help troubleshoot further.

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