Receiving emails about Webmail disk quota

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I WAS going to talk to support for an answer, but it appears that Inmotion Hosting isn't answering their phones on Wednesday, which I THOUGHT was a normal work day...

I have several email accounts on my Inmotion Hosting.  One of them is NOT set to deliver mail to Outlook on my computer.  The mail stays wherever it stays, and I use webmail to check it periodically (generally daily).  It's the email that gets most of the spam, junk, and garbage 'cause it's the email account that's used for online shopping.

It's almost empty - when I LOOK at the email address in the Email Accounts tab in the cPanel, it shows I've used 677KB of 4.88 GB (about .01%).  So WHY am I getting emails that SAY they're coming from Webmail complaining about some disk quota?

I'm FER-SHER NOT gong to hit the big orange button that says it'll automatically INCREASE my disk quota!

IMH Support Agent 1
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Sorry to hear you were having trouble contacting our Live Support team, I can confirm they were available Wednesday. It's difficult to say why you are getting a Disk Quota message in your email without viewing the full email message or access to your account. What is the full email address the message coming from, is it possibly a phishing scam email?

Since this doesn't sound like typical behavior, I recommend contacting Live Support if this continues. This will allow them to review the email and provide assistance specifically for your account and confirm if you are reaching a quota of some type.

Thank you,