I am getting **SPAM** added to all (most) of my incoming emails.

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I am getting **SPAM** added to all (most) of my incoming emails.

For example

Fwd: FW: -**SPAM**- RE: RFQ

***SPAM*** RE: Sales Order 5735 from International Seals

Why is this and how can I stop it please?

Arnel C
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Sorry for the issues with SPAM.  We might need a little more information about how you're viewing your emails.  If you're using SpamAssassin, it will flag all emails with a Spam Score -it's not calling your emails spam, it's just adding a tag with a score.

If you're seeing normal emails being tagged as spam then it is possible that there is malware hitting the emails going into your account.  Be sure to scan your system and if that gives you no results, then if you're an InMotion Hosting customer, submit a support ticket to our live technical support team explaining the issue.  

They can check to see what's going on with your email account.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.