Fradulent charges

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Recently I noticed a charge of $53 to come out in a year or so. I have never entered this website. I work at a dispensery and have 0 need for web domains and have never even heard of your company. The number on file to talk to live help said they were completely different company. If this doesn't get resolved I'm closing my bank and getting a new one along with taking you all to court for literally stealing my bank information without my consent. 

Arnel C
  • Answered

Hello Anonymous,

Apologies for the fraudulent charge. As you have not provided any account information, I cannot take any action to bring this issue to the attention of our billing team or management.  You will need to confer with them.  You will need to be able to verify your account, then they can investigate the matter and provide a refund as necessary.  If you forego speaking with the billing team, support, or management personnel and wish take the matter to court, then we would not be able to help you. Our legal team would need to be involved in the issue. You can reach us by phone/email/chat.  It would be best to talk directly with our Accounting/Billing team.  They would be able to identify charges to your account and take any necessary action. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.