My forum post that criticized InMotion support was deleted. Wow!

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Yesterday I wrote a post that was both critical of InMotion support, and provided the solution (supplied by cPanel support within 3 hours) to my InMotion support request - Directory Privacy not working. I originally posted it in "Contacting Support", but then I also added it to "VPS Hosting" since it contained valuable information that may help others.

Chris M (Content Marketing Coordinator) deleted one of the posts saying it was a duplicate. He later deleted the other. Chris may think it's his job to allow only neutral or positive comments to be posted. He's wrong, and it's a very bad practice.

Denying the community some valuable information because it included legitimate criticism of the Support team is a disservice to us all. InMotion should use constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve its service. Silencing criticism is not the response of a top-quality company.

A much better approach, and one that would win more customer loyalty, is admitting you could/should have done better. Then, following up with positive action, customers would feel they are valued. Silencing critics is the wrong approach.

BTW, I'm still waiting for a reply from the Advanced Support Team; three weeks and counting...

brett wood

If my original post was "spot on", please approve it so others have access to the solution.

Chris M
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Your original post was spot on in terms of providing a valid answer to your query. The community support area is rigorously moderated to provide as much help to as many people as possible. In this case, I moderated too hard. That's my bad. We hear you and I hope you will come back to share again.