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Can I just edit html code in the C-Panel File Manager section to make changes to my website or do I need to completely reload all or part of the site? I tried editing the Filer Manager file without effect.

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Satisfaction mark by Cal 3 years ago

Hey, Arnel…Thank you. I forgot about the cache. I also found out that one can force-refresh a page in Safari by holding the shift key and refreshing. Everything is working great now!Cal

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Arnel C
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Hi Cal,

Thanks for your question regarding the editing of your site using cPanel file manager.  It is possible to edit your website files directly through file manager.  However, we're not sure what file you're editing.  Also,  maybe that you did make a valid change, but you need to clear cache. If you clear your browser cache then you should see the change.  If you are still having the problem, then please provide us more information on the issue, or you are welcome to contact our live technical support team via chat/phone/email.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know!

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Arnel C.