Customers unable to reply/send emails to me

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I have few customers that cannot reply or send emails to my account without getting an undeliverable message but they can recieve my emails from me. How can I make sure their emails make it through?

Arnel C
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Hello Tom,

Sorry for the issues with email being sent to or from your customers.  If people are unable to send emails, then they should be getting a bounce-back message.  We would need to see that message in its entirety to identify the issue from the Support Center perspective.  I recommend that you start a support center ticket with our live technical support team as they can directly interact with the email server that your account is on.  You should provide an example email (date and time that it was sent from your customer), and the bounce-back message that they are receiving.  That way, then can pinpoint the issue in the mail logs.  

You can also try to whitelist your customers email domain or email addresses using the cPanel options using SpamExperts. This will only apply if you're on a Shared server account - if you're on a VPS/Dedicated server, then you may need to check and see if you're using any spam software.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.