Reseting email settings without losing info/ remove forward /start over

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We attempted to set up outlook for a user who has had troubles since October.

We cannot get Pop/ Imap/ Outlook to see the mailbox.  The customer gave up and configured through gmail using the domain settings; forwarding and deleting.  IDK how they set it up, but in Cpanel we cannot forward this email to their new email is states that is already being forwarded by the Default email, however we do not see the setting as active.

How do we disconnect any settings inside of webmail/ cpanel, and start ove?  

user account is [email protected]  we thought we could at least forward this account to the new [email protected]

Please follow up with me  [email protected]

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Chris M
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Thanks for submitting a question about email settings. For setting up any email client make sure you are using the full username plus domain ([email protected]). We're unable to provide live troubleshooting through this forum, but I'd suggest contacting our live support team for further assistance if you have continued difficulties.