Hey I want to create a new website for my existing website which has two domain.

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For example, I have the main domain energy.com and an addon domain as energy.com.au. I want to develop a new website without making any changes to my existing website which is hosted and developed on Squarespace with domain energy.com.  and other addon domain energy.com.au is redirected to main domain energy.com. 

Now I want to develop a new website using Wordpress and cPanel.  

Remove the redirection of addon domain energy.com.au to main domain energy.com

Then, I need to create a new account in cPanel using the addon domain energy.com.au as the main domain and install WordPress on that domain to start creating a website. Once the website development is done then add the main domain as an addon domain and change the DNS setting and redirect energy.com to energy.com.au. I don't want to use energy.com as I want the current website up and running by the time a new website is being built.

Is this the ideal way to start or there is any better option kindly advise.

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Hi Acey, 

Thank you so much for your question! You can create a WordPress staging site with Softaculous in your cPanel. Once your new website is complete and you've made the DNS changes, you can launch it on whichever domain you choose. You can also set up a domain redirect in cPanel as well. If you need additional assistance with the above, please reach out to our live 24/7 support. They will be able to take a closer look at your account and provide more hands-on assistance. 

Kindest regards,