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The Easy and Affordable Way To Protect Your Data

Get automatic website backups so you can quickly and easily recover from website problems or hacks with just a few clicks.

Starting at $2.50/month for 10GB backup storage

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Enjoy the Best Website Backup Features

Even the best prepared websites experience the unexpected: malware gets around, hackers pry for vulnerabilities and webmasters make mistakes. Backup Manager is your insurance policy against the worst case scenarios.

Automatic Security

Always be prepared for the unexpected. Whether your website is the target of a malware attack or simply breaks due to software updates – use Backup Manager for daily automatic backups to avoid having to rebuild your site or reverting back to outdated backups.

Easy-To-Use Interface

As soon as you add Backup Manager to your hosting plan, you can rest easy knowing that automatic backups are immediately scheduled for your websites. The Backup Manager interface is simple enough that anyone can manage their backups with 1-click restores.

Full, Flexible Control

Take full control of your backups by scheduling automatic backups to run when it makes the most sense for your websites. Backup and restore all your data or select individual files, folders, or databases and manage your backups directly with command line access.

More than Websites 

Backup Manager can secure more than just your websites: your account files, databases, email accounts, cPanel settings and more can be restored from your automatic backups. Our full-service backup solution does it all with minimal oversight.

All-Inclusive Website Backups for Peace of Mind

  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Backup a File, Folder, or Full Database
  • Quickly Recover From Website Problems
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Backups
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Store Multiple Backup Copies
  • 1-Click Backup and Restore
  • Protection From Hacks & Malware
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

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What InMotion Hosting Customers Have To Say

Peace of Mind

“InMotion Hosting technical support gives me the peace of mind I need to have about my website operating correctly. They handled excellently the complex technical aspects of hosting a website but also made the backup processes an automatic thing.”

– Hebert Varela

Always Helpful

“My website is always up. Any wordpress problems, experts at InMotion always help including helping restore from backups.”

– Richard Nahass

A Great Deal 

“I am not tech savvy but InMotion has fixed my issues every time with a smile. I am a stickler about customer service and this company has exceeded my expectations. The product is great, no issues and I feel like I’m getting a great deal for all the services I am given. ALL THE STARS!”

– Tatisha Booker

Website Backup Manager FAQs

Why should I backup my website?

Website backups act as a safety net for your website. They are a critical piece of security that can help you recover your website when all other resources fail. In short, backups can be a life saver. Just like keeping a spare tire on-hand, even though you may forget about it and hope to never have to use it, you don’t want to be caught off guard when you finally need it. You can restore a website backup to recover from any number of website problems that may arise – including hacks or ransomware, site-breaking software updates, accidentally deleting files and more.

How do I backup my website?

As soon as you add Backup Manager to your web hosting plan, your websites will be scheduled for automatic backups. It’s that simple! In Backup Manager, you can manually create and restore backups at any time with one click and customize your backup schedule to the best fit for your websites.

What types of backups can I create?

Backup Manager lets you create backups of individual files, folders, and full databases by scheduling automatic backups or creating manual backups at any time with one click.

What databases are supported by website backups?

Backup Manager can create backups of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

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