Team Member Profile: Johnny A.

Hometown: I was born and raised in the Philippines. I moved to Sunnyvale, California at the age of 15.

Position: Support: Team Lead in the Denver Office

Been with InMotion Hosting since: March 2017


How have you enjoyed working in the web hosting industry since starting at InMotion Hosting?

I have truly enjoyed working in the web hosting industry, but I’ve had a blast working for InMotion Hosting specifically. My wardrobe is mostly superhero shirts, it perfectly fits our casual dress code. The company’s free lunch Tuesdays has become my favorite day of the week and the diverse people I work with make this job unpredictably exciting.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

I’m currently a Support Team Lead at InMotion Hosting. What I like most about the position is pushing my agents to pursue internal advancement opportunities available in the company and see them succeed in those new positions. I love it when one of my agents comes out of an interview for an internal position smiling and telling me that they “Nailed it!”

What was the training process like?

I started at InMotion Hosting as a Linux expert and was not as familiar with the web hosting side. Our technical training program filled in the gaps of web hosting knowledge that I needed. With my prior Linux experience along with the web hosting knowledge I obtained from our training program, I gained a very deep understanding on how the internet truly works on all levels.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

The one gadget I want to own is a MoonBoard. It’s a climbing training wall with LED lights associated with each of the standardized climbing holds. Via bluetooth, the MoonBoard’s LED lights are controlled by a mobile app where climbers around the world create their own climbing problems and share it with other climbers around the world. There are currently 32,000+ problems contributed into their database.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

Information Technology is actually my second career. Right after high school, I wanted to be a chef and did that for 9+ years of my early adult life. I worked with very talented chefs and some of the best restaurants in San Francisco.

Other than food and technology, my other big passion is rock climbing. Colorado has one of the most active climbing communities in the world and the mountains are just 30 minutes away from Denver, which makes it the perfect city for me to live in.


Would you like to join our Support Team? Take a look at our open Technical Support Representative position or send your resume to [email protected]. For a list of all our open positions, click here.


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