Inside Scoop on IMH Team: Training

Wondering what happens inside our Training department? We’ve got the inside scoop for you!

Whether you start in our company as a Technical Support Specialist or a Front End Web Developer, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting and interacting with our Training department! 


Who are they? Included in our team we have 5 Trainers, 1 Knowledge Coordinator, 1 Senior Training Specialist, 1 Supervisor and 1 Manager all ready to help. The team is split between our Virginia Beach, VA and Denver, CO offices so there is always someone onsite to help you as you get comfortable with our systems and processes. You’ll see quickly that our Trainers not only work hard, but also like to incorporate fun into their lessons. 


What do they do? Our Training department is responsible for arranging training setups for all new hires.  If you’re a Technical Support, or a Customer Service Specialist, you will spend 5-6 weeks in our Training room learning our systems and processes. You will also practice taking contacts from our customers by ticket, chat, and phone before moving out onto the floor. If you are not a member of our contact center, you will still meet our training team on your first day as they lead you through our IMH Welcome Training during orientation.


Although training our new contact center team members is a large part of what the Training department is responsible for, there’s still so much more that they do! They also: 


  • Track trainee progress
  • Ensure high quality service for tickets, chats, and calls
  • Coach new team members on processes
  • Grade self-paced courses
  • Update training materials
  • Create new training materials and resources for ongoing learning
  • Manage the external Pipeline Program 


Some of the other projects our Training department focuses on is Continuing Education for current employees and leadership training programs. The Guest Trainer Series is where employees from different departments will present on a topic in their field of expertise with the goal of advancing the knowledge and skills of others. Some of the topics covered include WordPress Troubleshooting, Stress Management, JavaScript, and Interviewing Skills for Advancement. 


The team also manages our knowledge management system with the help of our Knowledge Coordinator. This is a tool used by our contact center employees to help better assist customers and troubleshoot solutions. It gives team members the option to search, create, share and manage information on a larger scale so we can quickly resolve our customer’s problems.


We asked our Training department what they love about their job and here’s what they had to say: 


“Making a difference in the lives of new employees by on-boarding them into our awesome company and helping ensure they will be successful in their job. Helping current employees achieve their career goals, and that I still learn something new everyday.” – Donald B. Training Supervisor


“My favorite thing about being a trainer is seeing trainees that have that “Ah-Ha!” moment then watching them use it to dazzle our customers.” – Andy V. Trainer


“I love working in the Training department at InMotion. I get to be coach and cheerleader for the newest members of our team. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching someone come to understand a concept you’re explaining to them in real time, and knowing that their understanding will lead to career success for that trainee, and success for the customers that the agent will be able to assist with that knowledge.” – Randy W. Trainer


Starting a new job can be a little scary, but rest assured, our Training team is here to help you succeed! Click here to see all of our current openings and what it’s like working at InMotion.

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