Saturday Game Days!

It’s great to work in a place where you can have fun at work, and InMotion Hosting is definitely one of those places!  This past April and May, the Support and Advanced Product/Technical Support departments hosted a game day for their teams.  The game days were held on Saturday afternoons in the InMotion Hosting breakroom and lasted several hours.


Games, Snacks, and Fun!

According to Adam, Support Operations Analyst, “Our department has done quarterly events before.  Because of all the shifts and different schedules, it’s been difficult for people to come to the events.  I talked to Support team members to see what they’d be interested in, and found out a lot there are a lot of gamers on the teams. So, The Support and Advanced Product/Technical Support department set up a gameday at InMotion Hosting!”

The game days featured a variety of board and card games that team members could set up and play.  Lunch was catered, and there were plenty of snacks available to refuel! Even team members who were scheduled to work were able to get in some playing time.  Rob, the Advanced Product/Technical Support Supervisor, helped coordinate the game days and overall, “Everyone had a good time.  It was nice to get a chance to get to know each other a little bit better and work together by playing board games.  This is definitely something we’ll be doing again!”


An intense game of Giant Killer Robots!


Brandon and Josh attempt to keep up with the ever-changing game of Fluxx!


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