Partnership Spotlight: ECPI University

InMotion Hosting is lucky to be able to partner with some great organizations in the community. Our Partnership Spotlight series will serve to highlight these organizations and give them credit for all they do. In our first installment we are highlighting our relationship with a leading career university in the Hampton Roads area, ECPI University! 

ECPI has been in the Hampton Roads area since 1966, helping individuals build specific skills that will help them exceed in their career. Many students that join our team from ECPI study Cloud Computing, Cyber security, Software Development, Web Design and Development, Business and IT Management and much more. 


Below is a statement from our partner regarding the relationship we’ve built over the years. 


“The partnership between ECPI University and InMotion Hosting has been valuable to our students and graduates. Career Services has worked closely with the InMotion Hosting recruiting team for over ten years. In-demand careers at InMotion offer a great fit for anyone studying or graduating from our Computer Information Science programs.  For example, the Technical Support role allows students/ graduates to apply what they have learned at ECPI in a position that closely relates to their education. InMotion recruits regularly from the University and provides constructive feedback to all ECPI applicants.

InMotion Hosting also participates in ECPI University’s Enterprise Partnership Program, which allows InMotion employees to get enhanced tuition assistance at ECPI.  What’s more, in the age of social distancing, the University is currently offering a remote synchronous delivery model. Students are experiencing the structure of a classroom with the added convenience of remote delivery. To learn more about ECPI University please visit: “


Over the years, we’ve had many students and alumni from ECPI join our team in a variety of different roles and functions. Here is what some of our current team members had to say about how ECPI had prepared them for their career. 


Cody E. 

What degree have you pursued through ECPI?

I have achieved a Bachelor’s degree in their Cyber Security program. This degree program teaches the fundamentals of configuring and securing enterprise-grade networks to industry standards.

What resources does ECPI offer to help in your career progression?

Alumni of ECPI have access to almost all resources the college has to offer. This includes a career services advisor who helps with interviews, resumes, etc; I have access to heavily discounted certifications such as Comptia and Cisco certifications; I also have access to all the resources the library has to offer on campus.


Nick C.

What resources does ECPI offer to help in your career progression?

The obvious answer is career services. They help nail down job leads and prepare your resume. However the hidden gems are the clubs and faculty. The clubs give you a way to network and learn from your peers while having fun. Some of the faculty are active in the industry, working as software developers for The City of Virginia Beach, or as Ethical Hacker/Security consultants. If you work hard, do well, and you’re not just in it for the fancy sheet of paper, you can find career progression and opportunities almost anywhere you look.

 What do you think is the best thing you have learned from ECPI that you applied to your position(s) at InMotion Hosting?

The most critical skill I learned from ECPI was definitely how to use Linux. Being able to confidently navigate the servers isn’t just important, it’s necessary. Combine that with the ability to write some simple bash scripts, you’re golden. If I’m being honest, working here and going to school at ECPI has been mutually beneficial. Not only has ECPI helped at InMotion, InMotion has helped me at ECPI.


Elana D. 

Coming from ECPI, what do you think was the best thing you have learned from ECPI that you applied to your position at InMotion Hosting?

My bachelors degree and my experience in the IT industry has helped me excel as a T1 at InMotion Hosting. My Human Resources pursuit has allowed me to analyze InMotion Hosting’s processes and determine how to work with people to help with communication.

Tell us about the degree you have pursued through ECPI? 

My passion for people and lack of that in the workforce has inspired me to get a Degree in Human Resources. I also have a bachelor’s degree in database administration and computer programming.


Donald B. 

How has your experience at InMotion Hosting been since you have joined the team?

It truly has been amazing. It is a high energy workplace and workforce that cultivates success and offers fast promotions!

Tell us about the degree you have pursued through ECPI?

I achieved my bachelors degree in network security

What resources does ECPI offer to help in your career progression?

The list is too long but the top two are organizational skills and the technical foundation.

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