Is Web Development your Strength?

The formal definition of a Web Developer may be described as a person who is responsible for the development of web and network applications that connect over HTTP from a web browser or server.

But here at IMH our Web Developers create automated resources that assist our customers with increased management of their websites and provide our team members with cool tools that allow them to service the customer and each other in an effective way. 

Working with some of the most popular technologies like AJAX, Linux, Unix, PHP, MySQL and Perl, our development associates are able to create new, exciting and useful tools to assist with the company's growth mode.

We know the world thinks of it as just development but here at IMH we fully understand it takes a keen set of skills and talent to create the platform, databases and tools that keep our customers and team members moving.

So if you want to Create and not just Develop IMH is the place for you!

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