Office Spotlight: Denver, CO

This week, we want to highlight our Denver, CO Office for living out one of our core values: We Improve!  When learning and the pursuit of knowledge stops, growth and progress is hindered.  Denver recently unveiled a Resource Room for all team members to enjoy to help foster an environment of continuous learning.  The Resource Room is designed to help team members continue their professional development by providing a mini library that is readily available and easily accessible.  The library features a variety of books that team members can check out and read at their leisure, with topics ranging from technical information to personal and leadership development.

The Resource Room also provides team members with a chance to unplug and refuel by giving a “break” from working at the computer.  During breaks, team members can use the Resource Room to play games, read, or enjoy complimentary snacks on a comfy couch.  Thank you, Denver team members, for your continued pursuit of excellence!

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