Inside Scoop from Technical Support Team Member

Do you ever wonder what it’s really like to be a member of our technical support team? Do you feel like our job postings are too good to be true? Here is the inside scoop from one of our very own technical support team members, Nick W.

In my position I get the opportunity to assist customers with any issues they may have with their web hosting account. I’ve always been that guy in the family who everyone came to with their computer problems. While you put on that facade of “what did you do now,” you still enjoyed helping out. This is how we operate every day. Whether its someone’s Grandma who is trying to setup her email so she can email her grandson, or a CEO trying to get his site up and running, we are here to help them 24/7. What’s so great are the flexible working hours.

Since we are 24/7, we have any shift you may need. It is really laid back here. We get free lunches every Tuesday and free snacks all week. We also get to wear t-shirts and jeans to work!

My favorite perk is the “Kudos Program”. If a customer tells your manager that you did a good job, you get $10. An additional $5 goes into a raffle drawing and you get a raffle ticket for each “kudo” that you receive. Once the raffle pot reaches $1000 its divided into separate checks. For each raffle there are somewhere between 6-9 checks that are up for grabs.

Last month I received 183 kudos and I also won the raffle. You can do the math. The money is there for the taking, you just have to earn it.

So you like helping people with their hosting problems, free lunches, wearing jeans and making crazy bonuses, then apply today and get paid for doing what you enjoy.

Submit your resume to [email protected] for review.

Nick W. Raffle Winner Again!
Nick W. Raffle Winner Again!