InMotion Hosting attends Joomla Day Boston 2014

During the month of March, Brad Markle a member of InMotion’s Customer Community team attended and presented at Joomla Day Boston. Brad was kind enough to document his experience to share with us.

Last weekend, I boarded a plane headed for Boston. My goal? Have an excellent time at Joomla Day Boston. Let me say right here in the introduction, it was a success! I had a really great time attending / speaking at Joomla Day Boston.

Speaker Dinner

If you didn’t know, most of these events usually have a dinner party the evening before the event begins. The sponsors and the speakers attend these dinners, and there’s usually lots to drink and eat. Because I was speaking this year, I had the pleasure of attending this dinner at Cambridge Brewing Company! Throughout the night, I got the chance to speak to quite a few people: @robbieadair, @RobertJacobi, @Matt_Simonsen, @JessicaDunbar, and @mbabker.

Day 1 – Saturday, March 15 2014

How to get rich with Joomla

The event kicked off with a keynote by David Hurly, Get Rich Quick with Joomla! CMS. We didn’t learn how to make our first million with Joomla, monetary gain wasn’t the focus of this keynote. David’s goal was to teach everyone how he has become rich from Joomla – rich in friendship / community / knowledge / experience. Getting rich with money wasn’t ignored completely, and the take away point is that for many people, become rich in everything else ultimately leads to monetary gain in one way or another!

You can read more about Brad’s experience by clicking here.