InMotion Hosting 2014 Virginia Beach Public Schools Model Partnership Winner

Beginning in 2000-2001 an advisory body made up of school and community representatives, began annually recognizing Model Partnerships. Through a nomination and panel review process, each school year’s Model Partnerships are selected as examples of best practices of meaningful community involvement in the school district.

The partnership of the Advanced Technology Center and InMotion Housing has allowed InMotion Hosting to be more involved in the community and provide students with a realistic view of workforce expectations. Since the partnership began three years ago, more than 30 ATC students have toured the Virginia Beach office of the company, interviewed staff and learned more about their work. In addition, InMotion has provided guest speakers and mentors for ATC classes and an internship program for students. As a result, four students have been hired by the company.

You can learn more about partners in education in the Virginia Beach School System by clicking here.

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