ECPI Scholarship Tournament Winners

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Congratulations to Mael, Alexander, and Jace for their hard fought wins in the ECPI scholarship tournament over the weekend!

On Saturday morning players logged on to play a friendly, although still very competitive, game of Call of Duty. The top three players would receive scholarships to further their skill set and advance their career. 

When InMotion Hosting was approached with the opportunity to fund the scholarships, we were so excited for the chance to help. We have been partnering with ECPI for over 10 years and have seen how continued education can help people reach their career goals and make it to their dream jobs. We also understand the importance of having fun, so much so that it is one of our core values. 

This event blended together our passion of improving and having a good time while doing it. 

Visit to learn more about their scholarship opportunities and degree programs. To see more about InMotion Hosting’s relationship with ECPI, check out our Partnership Spotlight.

Scholarship winner - 1st place
Scholarship Winner 2nd place
Scholarship Winner 3rd Place