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Inside Scoop on IMH Team: Training

Wondering what happens inside our Training department? We’ve got the inside scoop for you!

Whether you start in our company as a Technical Support Specialist or a Front End Web Developer, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting and interacting with our Training department! 


Who are they? Included in our team we have 5 Trainers, 1 Knowledge Coordinator, 1 Senior Training Specialist, 1 Supervisor and 1 Manager all ready to help. The team is split between our Virginia Beach, VA and Denver, CO offices so there is always someone onsite to help you as you get comfortable with our systems and processes. You’ll see quickly that our Trainers not only work hard, but also like to incorporate fun into their lessons. 


What do they do? Our Training department is responsible for arranging training setups for all new hires.  If you’re a Technical Support, or a Customer Service Specialist, you will spend 5-6 weeks in our Training room learning our systems and processes. You will also practice taking contacts from our customers by ticket, chat, and phone before moving out onto the floor. If you are not a member of our contact center, you will still meet our training team on your first day as they lead you through our IMH Welcome Training during orientation.


Although training our new contact center team members is a large part of what the Training department is responsible for, there’s still so much more that they do! They also: 


  • Track trainee progress
  • Ensure high quality service for tickets, chats, and calls
  • Coach new team members on processes
  • Grade self-paced courses
  • Update training materials
  • Create new training materials and resources for ongoing learning
  • Manage the external Pipeline Program 


Some of the other projects our Training department focuses on is Continuing Education for current employees and leadership training programs. The Guest Trainer Series is where employees from different departments will present on a topic in their field of expertise with the goal of advancing the knowledge and skills of others. Some of the topics covered include WordPress Troubleshooting, Stress Management, JavaScript, and Interviewing Skills for Advancement. 


The team also manages our knowledge management system with the help of our Knowledge Coordinator. This is a tool used by our contact center employees to help better assist customers and troubleshoot solutions. It gives team members the option to search, create, share and manage information on a larger scale so we can quickly resolve our customer’s problems.


We asked our Training department what they love about their job and here’s what they had to say: 


“Making a difference in the lives of new employees by on-boarding them into our awesome company and helping ensure they will be successful in their job. Helping current employees achieve their career goals, and that I still learn something new everyday.” – Donald B. Training Supervisor


“My favorite thing about being a trainer is seeing trainees that have that “Ah-Ha!” moment then watching them use it to dazzle our customers.” – Andy V. Trainer


“I love working in the Training department at InMotion. I get to be coach and cheerleader for the newest members of our team. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching someone come to understand a concept you’re explaining to them in real time, and knowing that their understanding will lead to career success for that trainee, and success for the customers that the agent will be able to assist with that knowledge.” – Randy W. Trainer


Starting a new job can be a little scary, but rest assured, our Training team is here to help you succeed! Click here to see all of our current openings and what it’s like working at InMotion.

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Happy National Women’s Day!

This year, to celebrate National Women’s Day, InMotion Hosting is recognizing some of the many women that have made significant contributions to the field of technology. These women are to thank for many advancements that we still benefit from on a day to day basis.


Our first notable mention is Ada Lovelace. Ada is credited as the first computer programmer because her work creating the first published algorithm tailored for implementation on a computer. Her foresight, inventiveness, and intelligence, led her to establish the first description of a computer and software in the mid-1800s. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see the fruits of her labor. Her work wouldn’t be fully utilized for more than a century after her death but her legacy lives on.

Picture above from: https://www.biography.com/scholar/ada-lovelace

Another great woman in tech is Elizabeth Feinler. Elizabeth led a group at the Stanford Research Institute and developed the modern-day Domain Name System of every domain name on the internet in 1972. Elizabeth and her team also created the domain naming scheme of .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .org and .net that we still use today. 

Picture above from: https://www.internethalloffame.org/inductees/elizabeth-feinler

As computers were becoming more prevalent, Susan Kare identified a need to improve the user experience. Susan thought users should have easily identifiable symbols to help them navigate the emerging online world. She created a set of icons still widely recognized by people from the tech-savvy to novice users.  She also created a variety of fonts for those who needed to spell it out.


Picture above from: http://kare.com/apple-icons/

Learn more about some of the many amazing women in STEM on Mashable’s article here. If you’re interested in joining our team and creating your legacy, you can see our open positions on our employment page here.

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IMH Attends VB Schools Partnership Expo.

Erica and Amanda from our HR Team recently attended the 2020 Virginia Beach Schools Partnership Expo. They were there to represent InMotion Hosting at Landstown High School to over a thousand students, parents and community members.


More than 150 Partners in Education were showcased at the third annual Partnership Expo which included free food and activities, as well as scholarship, summer job, career training and internship opportunities. The students of Landstown Highschool chose a movie theme for the event and did such a great job decorating. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, our team had such a great time!


See what it’s like working at InMotion and all the great perks that comes with it. You can also check out our products here.


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Career Paths at IMH – Mylin W.

InMotion Hosting wants to see all of its employees grow and succeed in their careers! We are using our Career Path spotlight to showcase some of the amazing leaders within our company by letting them tell their story about how they got their start with IMH. This week we are featuring our Manager, Mylin, who started off in an entry level position within the company.  If you would like to join Mylin and build your career at InMotion Hosting, please click here. We hope you enjoy!


Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Position: Manager, Business Operations and Data Analysis 

Been with InMotion Hosting since: April 2013    



How have you enjoyed working in the web hosting industry since starting at InMotion Hosting?

I thoroughly enjoy it! The web hosting industry is a fast paced environment which challenges those within the industry to constantly adapt and evolve into the very best version available. It’s this challenge that has offered me a great deal of growth and opportunity to reach my current level of success; and of course continues to challenge me to further evolve and grow. Outside of fueling my professional growth, the web hosting industry has also helped me develop my confidence and connected me with extremely talented and smart individuals.


What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

I am currently the Manager of Business Operations and Data Analysis. Within this role I manage an extremely talented team of individuals who help fuel smart business decisions through data and analysis. We are constantly looking towards how to solve operational needs which is what I enjoy most about my role – the problem-solving. Each day my team and I have the opportunity to determine how to meet various objectives by creating a new solution or re-evaluating an existing solution and improving on it.


What position did you start in with IMH? Tell us about your career growth since then. 

My career with InMotion Hosting started in 2013 under the Sales department as an Account Confirmations Specialist. My responsibilities were to review all new customer accounts for legitimacy and accuracy, ensure the new account was provisioned, and most importantly offer a customized on-boarding experience to the customer. This meant ensuring that customers that were new to web hosting understood the services they purchased and that they were provided any self-service articles that would be helpful for their immediate and specific needs. From that point, I transitioned to various other departments and roles including Customer Service Team Lead, Trainer (Sales, Design, Customer Service, and Technical Support), Business Operations Analyst, and Lead Operations Analyst. All of this eventually leading up to my current role as Manager of Business Operations and Data Analysis.


Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

The technology I am most excited about would be my fleet of Google Homes. It all started with purchasing one while it was on sale. Next thing I knew, I had five. It is a pretty ‘simple’ technology for today’s standards but it’s memorable to me due to how impactful and useful it is to my day to day.  

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

I enjoy learning and that motivation is what I owe a large part of my career growth and success. What I struggle with though is adhering to any form of strict curriculum – something that is quite evident once it’s learned that I’ve changed my college curriculum over ten times. My tendency to hop between topics and skills has lent itself to me picking up a wide range of skills and knowledge though, including video editing, stagecraft, AutoCAD, Spreadsheets, and storytelling. Put briefly and quoting my husband, “Cat mom voted most likely to build you a table and then proceed to challenge you to a board game set up on said table.”   See what it’s like working at InMotion and all the great perks that comes with it. You can also check out our products here.  

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Tech Program Students at IMH

This week our Virginia office was very happy to host high school students from the Advanced Technology Center. The Advanced Technology Center offers a tech program for a variety of STEM interests. Programs offered include information technology and computer sciences, digital design and marketing, and engineering and manufacturing. We’ve partnered with the ATC over the years to provide insight into the business and the web design industry.

These students are hard at work creating a web design business from the ground up over the course of 9 months. They’re gaining hands-on experience not only with web design but also with marketing, sales, and financial management skills needed for a successful startup. Our Web Design and Sales teams gave great pointers to the students. But they also need to learn how to put all their skills into action. They will go on to craft their business model and create actual working sites for customers! Then, the group will also compete with other student-organized businesses across the country.

Best of luck to Blossom Web Design! Remember to always thrill your customers through exceptional service and show them what your business stands for.

tech program at IMH


high school tech program


If you’re looking for a tech program for high school students, check out the Advanced Technology Center’s programs here.

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