Women and Computer Programming

This week 3 of our team members attended “Women and Computer Programming: Explore Your Career Options”, a program put on by Tidewater Community College Women’s Center. This was a free event which focused on women in Computer Programming fields that featured a panel discussion with professionals from the industry. Corren McCoy, Vice President of Software Engineering and Chief Data Strategist, G-2 Ops, Inc. served as the keynote speaker. Attendees enjoyed lunch while networking with other women in the computer industry,  women interested in switching career, as well as current students and alumni of TCC. Thank you to the TCC Women’s Center for putting on such a great event!


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Top Performers Lunch

At InMotion our Executive Team is very involved with getting to know everyone at InMotion, regardless of their position. The Executive Team always makes it a priority to attend as many of the office events as possible. Getting to know team members at InMotion on a one on one basis is important to the Executive team as well. One of the ways they do this is by hosting a “Top Performers” lunch. Recently Sunil Saxena, Executive Vice Present, came to Denver to take the top performers in the Support Department to lunch.

Max M who attended the lunch said “It was quite motivating to know we have a great leader who is interested and involved in improving all aspects of the company.” Another team member, Nathan J, who also attended the lunch  added, “Meeting with Sunil and being able to talk over lunch was certainly a highlight. Going over future goals, new products and how we can personally grow in our skill sets, were just a few things that stood out. Having a leader who personally cares about the success of each of the agents makes working for InMotion Hosting incredible.”

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Career Paths at IMH – Trey F.

InMotion Hosting wants to see all of its employees grow and succeed in their careers! We are using our Career Path spotlight to showcase some of the amazing leaders within our company by letting them tell their story about how they got their start with IMH. This month we are featuring our Senior Manager Trey who is over our systems team. He currently has an open position within his department for a Systems Engineering Manager. If you would like to apply to this position, please click here. We hope you enjoy!


Hometown: Virginia Beach!  I moved away during college and then moved to New York City from 1999 through 2009.

Position: Manager – Senior Manager, Systems

Been with InMotion Hosting since: March 2010



What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

Right now I am the Senior Manager for Systems, which means I oversee a couple of amazing departments: Systems Administration, which monitors all of the servers in our fleet and makes sure customers are getting the performance we are known for; Managed Hosting, which provides higher end paid support for customers who want a System Administrator’s advice when their needs are complex; Website Transfer, where customers want to leave their current host, and need some assistance in doing so in the most painless way possible; lastly, the Engineering group, where we look to the future for what we can and should do – the R&D group.

Separately I also serve as the product manager for our VPS/Cloud product line.

What do I like about my job? So many things. The first is that my teams are great. I have spent a number of years building out the people I wanted to work with, and now I get to work with some of the most committed and creative people in our field.

What position did you start in with IMH? Tell us about your career growth since then.

Before I came to InMotion I lived in New York. Originally I moved there for another career, though I had always done IT on the side when I was in college.  After being there about a decade, as the economy went through a downturn I decided to leave the city. I interviewed for a T1 Support role, and then moved to Systems pretty quickly. From there I moved up the ladder.  I liked InMotion because they were still sort of a startup (meaning there was room for growth and were a scrappy bunch of people). It worked out. We grew as a company, and gradually I got to deal with more interesting people and projects…and here we are 8 years later.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

I was always pretty skeptical of the Siris, Cortanas, Google Assistants, and Alexas in the world, but now some of them have improved.  Alexa seems to have gotten some basic useful skills together where it doesn’t feel like you are trying to have a conversation with a two year old, and their home applications are fairly neat.  


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InMotion Hosting is proud to introduce the 3rd annual Employee Engagement Committee, WorkLife@IMH!  Founded in 2015, the mission of the Committee is twofold:

  1. To provide a platform for  feedback on the employment experience, and
  2. To discuss ideas to improve and enhance the work environment.  

The Committee is made of volunteers who are passionate about the InMotion work experience.  They provide recommendations on how to increase engagement, champion company events and initiatives, and actively solicit feedback from their peers.  In 2017, the Committee sponsored several charitable drives and refined company engagement tools. Click the links to learn more about some of the 2017 Committee events: Back-to-School Drive and Food Drive.

This year, nineteen team members from thirteen different departments are represented!  Although it’s still early in the year, the Committee is already working hard on sponsoring a team member game tournament, increasing wellness initiatives, and coordinating volunteer opportunities.  We are excited for what’s in store for 2018!

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Team Member Profile: Betsy H.

Hometown: Navy Brat – Tie between Kenosha, WI and Norfolk, VA

Position: Support – Tier 1 E

Been with InMotion Hosting since: July 2017


How have you enjoyed working in the web hosting industry since starting at InMotion Hosting?

I absolutely love working at IMH, and I could not have asked for a better place to start my career.  The casual and friendly environment allows me to be myself while dedicating my focus to learning new skills and improving as an employee. From the beginning, my coworkers have welcomed me and helped me grow, and I am so thankful for their support.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

Currently, I am a Tier I Expert, which allows me to have more independence as a Support specialist, because I can handle more tasks without assistance from our higher tier.  A T1E is also expected to mentor and assist other agents.  After all the support I have received from my coworkers, I am excited to pay it forward, while continuing to expand my knowledge of this field.

What was the training process like?

Initially, the training process seemed a little intimidating. I started out by taking the Tier 1 Pipeline Course.  Fortunately, if I ever got stuck, I would get prompt responses from my teachers over email. I am really glad I had the initiative to complete the course, because it helped me in the long run.  Once I started live contacts, I felt overloaded with new information, but there was someone there to help every step of the way. I cannot believe how much I have learned in the past few months.  I found it super satisfying once everything I learned began to click.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

As a Navy Brat, I have a great passion for traveling, and one device I would love to own is ili.  It’s a hand held device that works as a one-way translator in real time without Wi-Fi. This allows you to ask questions and make requests anywhere in the world, without taking away the importance of learning the native language.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

Lately, I have been dedicating my attention to server side technical support, but my interest in IT began with a passion for design.  Unfortunately, I often suffer from what some people call “art block”, and do not know what to create. That’s why I love bringing the ideas of others to life. Other than that, I love curling up with a good book or TV show, and spending time with my boyfriend, friends, and family.


Would you like to join our amazing team? We’re currently hiring Technical Support Representatives in our Denver office! Send your resume to recruiters@inmotionhosting.com. For a list of all our open positions, click here.


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