IMH Professional Development Programs

76% of employees are looking for opportunities to expand their careers and 92% of employees say employee training programs have a positive effect on their engagement according to Companies that invest in the professional development of their team members empower them to increase their skills, confidence, initiative and engagement which benefits the individual as well as the collective group.

InMotion Hosting is intentional in our efforts to create an environment and opportunities that supports the growth and development of our team members. We feel so strongly about our dedication to improvement that we included it in our Core Values. A few of the programs that we offer to specifically focus on professional development are Career Coachings, our Peer Mentor programs, Walk-a-Day shadowing opportunities, and Professional Development funds.

Career Coaching

Our Human Resources Department offers Career Coaching meetings with our team members to discuss possible career paths and interests within the company. Together with department leaders, HR has compiled skill sets required for different roles and resources specific to their  teams. Team members meet to discuss roles that they may be interested in, develop action items based on skills they can improve in, and collect resources available to help them work towards their goals.

Mentor Programs

Both our Peer Mentor and Great Place To Start (G.P.S.) programs operate with the goal of promoting peer-to-peer relationships that help progress professional skills and personal career goals. The Great Place To Start (G.P.S.) program provides an opportunity for new team members to expand their internal network by pairing up with more tenured team members. This provides an additional resource outside of their current department to help them get acclimated to IMH as well as provide a point of contact for guidance and questions. This program runs concurrently with their onboarding led by leadership and any department specific peer-led training.

In the Peer Mentor program, Mentors and Mentees are paired up based on the goal of the Mentee and the skill sets of the Mentor. They work together to determine goals and action plans for a period of 6 months. After the 6 month period, a mentorship often continues outside of the formal program. 

One of our participants, Justin M., Tier 1 Technical Support Representative had this to say about the Peer Mentor program: 

“The program is excellent because if you have a drive, if you want to get better with your job, it’s the perfect opportunity ….You’re talking to someone that has had a lot of experience and has gone through what you’re going through and has information for you that you’d probably have to learn the hard way. I think if you’re trying to better yourself, it’s the way to go!”

Walk-a-Day Program

We encourage team members to “Walk-a-Day” with an individual, or an entire department in some cases, to learn more about what other groups do on a regular basis and understand if that is a career path they want to take. During this 4 hour shadow period, team members will learn about different roles, what their responsibilities are, and how they operate within the company.

Professional Development Funds

While participating in any of these programs, our team members can also take advantage of the Professional Development funds available to them. Team members can receive reimbursement for things such as tuition, books, fees, professional memberships, and certifications that relate either to their current position or one that they may be interested in within the company. 

In addition to these programs highlighted, we’re proud to offer several others focused on professional development, peer-led engagement, and leadership skills development.  No matter how IMH team members choose to invest in themselves, IMH is committed to supporting that growth with opportunities for professional development! If you have any questions about these or any other programs available to IMH team members, please email us at [email protected].

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