Spark Apprenticeship-CA

InMotion Hosting continues to strengthen it's involvement with the local community by partnering with Spark Los Angeles, to provide an apprenticeship opportunity to a local middle school student.

Spark addresses the dropout crisis by connecting volunteer professionals with underserved youth in workplace apprenticeships to “spark” their potential. Students identify a “dream job,” and Spark matches that student with a mentor doing that job. These apprenticeships are complemented by a Leadership Class, which helps students connect apprenticeship learning to school. As students explore the school-to-career connection, they build skills critical for academic success, gain a strong appreciation for the relevance of their education, and become motivated to work hard to achieve their dreams.

InMotion Hosting has been paired with an 8th grader from Santa Monica, who has chosen web design as his "dream job". Leaders in our InMotion Websites Team will work with him to build a WordPress site on a subject of his choice. In December he will present this website to his peers, parents and teachers at his school.

Spark Orientation for Mentors

InMotion Website Leaders Jeff & John with their Apprentice

IMW Leads Jeff Bishop & John Quan